The Complete Dog Breeding Kit

A must have for all people who breed dogs!!
Whelping timetable chart included in the Dog Breeding Kit


Everything any dog breeder will need to professionally, accurately record all aspects of the mating and breeding process. This is the most comprehensive and accurate kit available on the Internet!


This complete kit includes 6 Documents you should use during the whole process:

  • Mating your female dog, timing is everythingUsed to help you determine the best time to have your dam mated to ensure a large litter.
  • Dog Oestrus Monitoring SheetUsed to help accurately predict the perfect time to have your dam covered. This will maximize her chances of having a big litter size.
  • Dog Whelping Timetable ChartOnce you know the date your dam was covered you can use this handy time table to predict her whelping date.
  • Pre Partum Monitoring Sheet for Dogs10 days before the expected due date you can use this handy sheet to record important data that will help determine your dams exact day of whelping.
  • Dog Whelping Monitoring SheetA very handy checklist and sheet to record vital information during the birth process. This will also help you determine if the birth process is running smoothly and guide you by explaining when you should get help.
  • Complete Dog Breeding PlannerAn extremely helpful summary record of what and when things should happen through all three stages of breeding your dam, namely: the dams’s cycle, her pregnancy and the rearing of her puppies. You will also help you to record financial expenses and incomes while breeding to make sure you secure a profit. You can even score your breeding ethics and style to see if you are a Gold Standard Breeder!
  • All Dog Breeding Monitoring Forms and SheetsAll the sheets and data capture forms are neatly bundled in one convenient document. Each dam may get one set per litter. You will be able to monitor and record all your dam’s progress, ensure that you track your expenses and most importantly your profits from breeding your dog.