Dog Breeding Kit – The most comprehensive and useful guideline for breeders!


Founded in 2011, the primary objective of Dog breeding Kit is to assist experienced and beginner dog breeders to gain a more holistic view and understanding on dog breeding.  Dog breeding should begin with proper and sufficient knowledge and being “part art” and “part science”, our kit has been specifically designed by vets and breeders to ensure it contains everything to assist:

• Beginner dog breeders that feel a bit overwhelmed or lost
• Experienced dog breeders that wants to understand the “science” behind breeding
• Beginner or experienced dog breeders looking for extra helpful information to become the Ultimate Dog Breeder!!


What’s In The Dog Breeding Kit?

• Complete Dog Breeding Planner
• Dog Oestrus Monitoring Sheet
• Dog Whelping Monitoring Sheet
• Pre Partum Monitoring Sheet for Dogs
• Dog Whelping Timetable Chart *
• Mating Your Female Dog, Timing is Everything *
  * Free stuff, download it now!